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Adding and using ScreenStep html template for AWeber

(STOP PRESS - update 07.12.09: in ScreenSteps Desktop 2.7 (beta) these steps are reduced to only 2 simple steps, read all about it here.....)

This post/lesson is to show how easy it is to create content in ScreenSteps and export it in multiple ways: as (Typepad) blog post, as "lesson" in ScreenSteps Live and PDF file. The article itself can be used again and again as part of a whole bundle of articles (think E-book, training, manual).

The subject of this article shows another feature of ScreenSteps: combining it with AWeber - another great software program.

Where to copy a new template.

How to copy new html template (most times created in Dreamweaver/Frontpage or in this case in AWeber itself) into ScreenSteps Template folder
(How to create a new ScreenSteps html template you can read in ScreenSteps Desktop manual )

Find folder location


In ScreenSteps Desktop, click Edit, then Preferences. Go to html templates and click the folder icon which will bring you to the folder in your system


create new folder with the name you want the template to be known under in ScreenSteps


In this case awtempalte. Open the folder and paste newly created template in here.

If you now go back to ScreenSteps and select Export as HTML the awtemplate will show in the selection of templates you can use.

Creating AWeber message

Write the new AWeber message and export the "lesson" with the lesson template awtemplate.

N.B. if you change the desription of the file, make sure you add .html behind the new name.


Click the new html page and it will open in your standard browser


Go to the page source (image show Firefox menus)


Copy the whole content of the page source (Ctrl A, followed by Ctrl C)


Go to AWeber to the list you want this message to appear and Add New Follow Up Message


In the new message, go straight to Source


Remove the standard little coding that's there and paste (Ctrl V) your new message in here


Go back to Design, add a Subject line and if needed personalise the message further (or add images - images exported from ScreenSteps will NOT show in the actual emails)


Set the other settings and click save.
All done and ready to be emailed to your list of subscribers

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