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The Ultimate Webmarketing Strategy: get your hands on one of the last copies now

Hot from the "blog" press: Ed Rivis' excellent book "The Ultimate WebMarketing Strategy" is almost sold out - only a few copies remaining.

Ed announced this by reminding us of one of the best known Direct marketing guru's from the last century: David Ogilvy and wondering if he (David) would have changed tactics with all the new "tools" around these days.

"I wonder what he’d be doing differently in these days of the Internet? Probably not much!

The direct response principles that were his ‘first love and later became his secret weapon’, and which allowed him to grow his agency at record speed translate directly to web sites.

In my book The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy I explain how to utilise the principles of highly-effective direct response advertising — how to change a website from “all about you” to “all about your visitor” to dramatically boost enquiries, sales-lead generation, opportunity creation, and sales and profit!

If you have a web site that focuses on your brand (you know, the kind that start with “Welcome to our website. We’ve been in business ‘x’ years and won all these awards”) maybe you should consider why the visitor has actually come to your website… probably to get information on — and the solution to — a pain, challenge, problem or opportunity they have.

Probably not to learn about you and your business. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s true in most cases.

Give visitors answers… not branding… and you can have a successful website.

The first edition of my book The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy is now officially out of print.

If you want one of the last few copies (from stock) then grab it now… because it explains how you can change your website from no-response to direct response, the approach David Ogilvy used to become a world leading advertising agency, and help his clients become world leading brands."
Ed Rivis

Ed's book sits in my bookcase next to my desk so I can grab it whenever I need it/want it and I must say, even after reading it 3 times from front to back: I always find some new or better ideas in it to implement in/fine-tune our own strategy.


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