Why I use Typepad for business "blogging"
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Webinar: Using a blog for your website and ecommerce

The Small Business Blogs division of Typepad regularly organises Free Webinars with Andy Wibbles.

The next one on August 26 relates perfectly to my latest post on Why I Use Typepad for Business "Blogging":

Using a blog for your website and ecommerce - Learn how to use your blog to create a lightweight website with a product catalog integrated with PayPal or other ecommerce systems. Time: 11.00am PST = 7pm BST
(Follow the link to register for free)

If you can't make it, the recording of the webinar will be published later - as soon as it's up I will tell you where to go for it.

Side-note: don't think I agree with the term "lightweight" website though ;-)


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