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Powering up the Content Generator

Two months ago during a brain storm session about marketing my 'brain' partner set me a challenge: for a new report - to be added to our growing list of wood and wood related guides - I had to come up with 57 Reasons Why Natural Wooden Flooring Always Outperforms, Outlasts, and Always Looks Better, Than Any Other Floor Covering.

Why 57? I still suspect he plucked that number out of thin air. But a challenge is a challenge and I took to work. Within 1 day I'd reached over 63 reasons ;-) but since some of them were more or less double I did settle on the promised 57.

How did I end up so quickly with so many reasons? Through my Power Content Generator - ScreenSteps Desktop Pro - and the excellent advice by one of the creators of ScreenSteps: Plan Not To Plan your writing.

Here's a screenshot of my manual about the 57 reasons:

I started with 'writing' every reason I could come up with as the title of a "lesson", just loose thoughts and without writing the explanation or more details of/for a reason. Then one by one I started filling the reason with, well, reasons ;-) and adding images and 'statements' from experts or results from surveys.


When all that was done - another 2 days of research and writing - the report was finished and available with one click of a button as new wood-guide in PDF-file.

But that's not the end of the story of powering up the Content Generator. Earlier this week I've uploaded every single reason from ScreenSteps Desktop Pro to our FAQ & News site (aka blog) and then spent 15 minutes setting the Publishing day and time for each of them.

Now, every three days a new post is published automagically. No more head breaking about what interesting story to write next for our business blog. I've created content once, in one program and am now able to publish it in many different ways: as PDF file and as blog post in this case.

On the Kiss Business too (2) blog you can find out which other ways are also possible with this Multiple Media Publishing Machine.

I've come to the conclusion that for successful online marketing for any small business you only need three extreme powerful tools:

  1. Web Presence with integrated automagically SEO - Typepad
  2. Lead Generation with Permission - AWeber
  3. Content Publisher - ScreenSteps Desktop Pro

And I'll put all of them into the WebMarketing ToolBox for Small Businesses in the very near future.


Martin Malden

Hi Karin,

I've not heard of ScreenSteps Desktop Pro before but will be checking it out! Do you have an affiliate link?

This sounds like an excellent tool for when I know I'm going to be away. (I have a couple of 2-week+ trips coming up)

Thanks for the heads up!



Karin H.

Hi Martin

I know it is THE ideal program for you, thinking of some of the (mini-)courses you've written already. In my AWeber Strategies and Tactics I'm showing how you even (semi-automagically) export your content to AWeber as follow-up messages and/or broadcasts.
As for affiliate link: just click on any of the SCreenSteps Desktop Pro links in the article ;-)

Karin H

At 01:33 23/05/2009, you wrote:

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