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Marketing: The Devil's in the simple Details

No entry, sorry Marketing, from ads to email marketing, needs: focus, strategies, tactics and a keen eye for all the details. Without any of these you might as well stop before you even start.

No matter how small, large, known or unknown you and your business/products/services are, the Devil is truly in the Details. If you spend time to create the best worded advertisement with the best placed images in the best read magazine or paper it all has to be right. Your call for action should be hitting the right spot and the "tools" you provide your prospect to take that action should be securely in place, tried and tested.

If that call to action is for the reader to request free reports, free materials up to the value of £ 1,200.00 and you've got the targeting of your prospect absolutely spot on, you better make sure that tool works absolutely problem free. Because your irresistible offer will be seen by over 200.000 specially targeted readers and a handful of your existing private list members. Those are big numbers!

The details of the ad are spot on, what else do you expect from someone labelled marketing wizard who's private clients pay a 4 figure amount for an hour advice. I've read books, reports from this wizard, listened to plenty of recordings by him and know that if he launches a new program you better pay attention and try not to miss out.

The let down here was in the details of the email marketing tool. Not so much in using AWeber's default Thank You Page (now with added narration!) - many here know that is one of my pet-hates - after submitting my name and email address in the web form on the special landing page, but in the fact I almost didn't even reach that default Thank You Page:

We let one detail slip, so NO Entry for you

For a moment I started to doubt myself - had I already received all these new free reports? and so checked the ad again. No, definitely an offer of new materials and a new program.

If you are promoting a new product, want prospects, clients to opt-in to a new program you are launching DO Create a NEW AWeber list/campaign for it!

(I have various email addresses I use to subscribe to various lists and used a different one to end up on the default AWeber Thank You Page, received the confirm opt-in email and even ended up on a custom 2nd Thank You Page. The first follow-up message contained a link to the download page - unprotected - where I indeed found all kinds of new material from the marketing wizard.)

Now it could be that I'm a nit-picker in this regard, possible because I know how easy and simple these details can be improved. But the fact remains, no matter if you are just starting out with email marketing or if you are regarded as marketing wizard: your email marketing is a part of your total marketing strategy - not just an after thought to be used as 'delivery vehicle' of your no doubt splendid and correct in every detail marketing messages.

AWSTlogo150 You need to have Strategies and Tactics for the delivery vehicle too. If you are using AWeber as this vehicle, you will find practical, tried and tested strategies and tactics in this guide to seamlessly integrate the delivery of your marketing messages into your marketing strategy.

(image for illustration purpose only)

192 pages (download online)

"E-book" £ 7.97

(After payment is accepted, please wait until you are redirected to our 'download' instruction page - if you don't receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes, please email me for support:

Instant access to put your ethical email marketing into hyperdrive with tested and tried successful Strategies and Tactics used by small businesses.

Powering up the Content Generator

Two months ago during a brain storm session about marketing my 'brain' partner set me a challenge: for a new report - to be added to our growing list of wood and wood related guides - I had to come up with 57 Reasons Why Natural Wooden Flooring Always Outperforms, Outlasts, and Always Looks Better, Than Any Other Floor Covering.

Why 57? I still suspect he plucked that number out of thin air. But a challenge is a challenge and I took to work. Within 1 day I'd reached over 63 reasons ;-) but since some of them were more or less double I did settle on the promised 57.

How did I end up so quickly with so many reasons? Through my Power Content Generator - ScreenSteps Desktop Pro - and the excellent advice by one of the creators of ScreenSteps: Plan Not To Plan your writing.

Here's a screenshot of my manual about the 57 reasons:

I started with 'writing' every reason I could come up with as the title of a "lesson", just loose thoughts and without writing the explanation or more details of/for a reason. Then one by one I started filling the reason with, well, reasons ;-) and adding images and 'statements' from experts or results from surveys.


When all that was done - another 2 days of research and writing - the report was finished and available with one click of a button as new wood-guide in PDF-file.

But that's not the end of the story of powering up the Content Generator. Earlier this week I've uploaded every single reason from ScreenSteps Desktop Pro to our FAQ & News site (aka blog) and then spent 15 minutes setting the Publishing day and time for each of them.

Now, every three days a new post is published automagically. No more head breaking about what interesting story to write next for our business blog. I've created content once, in one program and am now able to publish it in many different ways: as PDF file and as blog post in this case.

On the Kiss Business too (2) blog you can find out which other ways are also possible with this Multiple Media Publishing Machine.

I've come to the conclusion that for successful online marketing for any small business you only need three extreme powerful tools:

  1. Web Presence with integrated automagically SEO - Typepad
  2. Lead Generation with Permission - AWeber
  3. Content Publisher - ScreenSteps Desktop Pro

And I'll put all of them into the WebMarketing ToolBox for Small Businesses in the very near future.

The Best AWeber Strategies & Tactics for Small Businesses - maximise Permission Marketing!

The first tool in The WebMarketing ToolBox for Small Businesses is available!

3dAWST1 The Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses - maximise Permission Marketing.

The E-book is based on our own experiences and successful implementation of AWeber's auto repsonder for our ethical email marketing. As independent specialised (rural) retailer we now reach prospects and clients in the whole of the UK and even beyond. Our success rate?

90% confirm their subscription, only a hand full ever unsubscribe and we convert many subscribers into clients.

The Strategies we use (trial and error discoveries) and which are now available to you too:

  1. Being Effective and Efficient with your email marketing from the moment you start with AWeber (if you have been using AWeber for some time now I will tell/teach you what, where and how to change certain settings to improve your results immediately)
  2. How to turn your 'sales' pitched into a logical sequence of messages, building up more trust between you and your prospect with every single message you write. Spreading your eggs over more baskets, baskets which all contain relevant and anticipated information that solves a pain/problem your prospect has.
  3. I'll show you where and how you can substantially grow the number of self-qualifying subscribers in the most ethical ways. Our own list, as small retailer, has grown over 250% in 1 year time and continues to attract 45 - 50 new prospects per month. No matter how small or large your existing list is or how large you want it to be, these simple and effective tactics are guaranteed to make the numbers soar.
  4. And I will show you, step by step, how you can combine AWeber with other (online) software programs to automate your email marketing campaigns even further without loosing a 'personal touch/voice'. PayPal is only one of the programs discussed.

The Strategies and Tactics (tried and tested) is available now:

  • as E-book - downloaded online
  • The Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses

    Instant access to put your ethical email marketing into hyperdrive with tested and tried successful Strategies and Tactics used by small businesses.

    Maximise the Permission Marketing principle and add real money to your business now.


Preview: TACTIC S4-5: Using AWeber with

This is one tactic we don't use ourselves, we use Typepad as blog platform which accepts all AWeber webforms, no matter if you have Basic, Plus or Pro account. Self-hosted WordPress blogs and Blogger also accept the javascript of your webform, only WordPress blogs hosted on refuse every AWeber coding, even when you use the raw html code of the inline form.
But there's a solution.

Using AWeber to use an AWeber submit form for blogs


Sounds confusing? It's not, as will become clear in the following steps. When I was writing the lesson on publishing a broadcast/newsletter online the solution for blog-owners suddenly seemed obvious.

When you have a blog it is hosted on server. These blogs are mostly used by those not able to host any web presence themselves (otherwise they would IMHO use the free self-hosted blog software which gives you plenty more options, but require more css and html knowledge).

The beauty of this solution is that you can have a webform of AWeber hosted by AWeber. All it takes is:
1) a template that resembles your blog design or your AWeber broadcasts
2) an AWeber broadcast - doesn't even have to be send out
3) an AWeber inline web form
4) a link on your blog

Note: this tactic also works when you use only the plain text message, but I think an html message in a template works better. I leave the decision with you.

Step 1: create a broadcast in your AW list


In TACTIC S1-4 "The overall appearance of your messages" I discussed using a template for your messages (html message) and if you use this tactic you have a general template in one of your lists ready to use.

Copy the source from your template broadcast and paste this into the source of your new broadcast. The title of your broadcast can be anything you like, from "Sign up for my blog-alerts" to "Request your free guide".

Write a short message in the body of your message: explaining what's on offer etc.
Don't use any personalised fields though, they will not be filled with details but show like {!firstname}.

Step 2: copy your webform in your broadcast


Have an inline webform ready (see TACTIC S2-3: the web forms) and copy the raw html code so you can change various items later, like the tracking code.
In your new broadcast, go to the source and paste the code in the position you want it to show. Save the broadcast, no need to write the plain text message this time (or you want to opt for plain text message only).
DON'T queue the broadcast, it is not the purpose to send it out.

Step 3: link to the Syndicate Direct Link


Every broadcast created in AWeber has a Direct Link. So open the new broadcast again, tick the box Syndicate and click the hyper link behind Direct Link. This will show you (in a new window/tab) how your broadcast including the webform will look online.
If needed, edit text or lay-out and once you're happy copy the url of the Direct Link to place this in the sidebar of your blog (or in any post you like).

Follow the link to the example I've made: Direct Link


It is of course not the most ideal (or even elegant) solution, but it is the most simple solution for blog-owners without any other additional hosting available. Try it out and do test it for yourself to see how it truly works - it will follow the same opt-in process as any other AWeber webform.

This is just one of the many tried and tested Strategies and Tactics you will find in the complete E-training: The Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses - created by a Plus 1 Makes 3.

(image for illustration purpose only)

192 pages (download online)

"E-book" £ 7.97

(After payment is accepted, please wait until you are redirected to our 'download' instruction page - if you don't receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes, please email me for support:

Instant access to put your ethical email marketing into hyperdrive with tested and tried successful Strategies and Tactics used by small businesses.