There's more to the submit forms than meets the eye
Results of short survey on AWeber default Thank You Pages

Short survey on 'ongoing conversation' practice

How often do you submit your name and email address in a 'web-from'? Did the writer of the article/blog-post or the hoover-over form kept you engaged in his/her writing leading up to the moment you were asked to submit your details? Did he/she explain what's on offer in exchange for your details?

After submitting your details what happens to the engaging conversation you just experienced?

In the Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses I will dedicate a whole lesson/chapter to this practise.

If you are using AWeber as autoresponder and email marketing tool, would you be so kind enough to take a very short survey (5 questions only) to help me fine-tune this chapter. (Or at least find out I'm on the right track).

Click Here to take survey (SurveyMonkey) - and your time is much appreciated.



I've completed the survey dear.
I hope it may be useful for you. Expecting your survey results.

Karin H.

Thanks for that Bendz

(Linking from your name is enough, no need to add an extra link - might be considered spam next time ;-))

Karin H

Martin Malden

Hi Karin,

Done the survey, but the link in your email wouldn't open in IE7. I copied it to FF3 and it worked fine there. Another fine example of IE :)



Karin H.

Hi Martin

Thanks for taking part.
Re IE and email link - never have that 'problem' myself - email links automagically open in FF (if I can avoid Microsoft I will ;-))
Apparently bloggers (and readers) use FF more often as Default than other Internet users - must be something in their 'genes' ?

Karin H

At 13:30 09/04/2009, you wrote:

Carol Bentley

Hi Karin,

good luck with your new venture. Your survey made me stop and think - about some of my more obscure lists from my early Aweber days when I hadn't realised the features on offer. I reckon your guide will be a godsend to anyone just starting up on Aweber.

I'll suggest my readers take part as well.

Keep a look out for the 80-page report on Social Marketing I'll be gifting soon, which I think ties in rather well with your theme.

Karin H.

Hi Carol

Thanks for the thumbs up. AWeber has so much to offer - I still discover new or more efficient/effective ways/options myself! - I do hope my new guide will help many small businesses utilise it straigh away.

Looking forward to your report.

Karin H.

At 08:33 10/04/2009, you wrote:

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