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When 'failure' turns into innovation = win-win

Last year August I launched the Ultimate Practical AWeber Guide. All in all it had taken me over 2 months to script, record and edit the 59 minute long First! Part of the planned 5 parts of this IMHO covering everything a small business should know and could use to unleash the true power of AWeber.

My guide never got further than part 1. Main reason: two weeks after the guide was launched, AWeber changed - for the better - some items in their software program and announcement upcoming larger changes - again for the better.

So in fact, within two weeks part 1 of the Ultimate Practical AWeber Guide wasn't up to date any more. Knowing more changes were afoot soon I thought it would be better to wait until then to re-record (most of) part 1. But then I realised: what if next month AWeber changes items again - online software platforms frequently change, at least those who listen to their clients and keep on improving the system.

Three option:

  1. forget the whole idea or
  2. (and those in the know know I'm stubborn, or persistent) keep a close eye on any changes in AWeber and re-record part of the video as soon as possible or 
  3. find a much more versatile medium to create the AWeber guide with

And option 3 it has become. I'm changing medium for the AWeber guide in order to make sure any changes by AWeber or other related programs can be edit/added as soon as possible without rendering any items of my Guide useless or out-of-date. Plus I'm changing the whole set up of the guide: AWeber's own video-tutorials and knowledge base cover many of the basics - my new guide will concentrate more on the Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses.

The medium I've selected is ScreenSteps and the guide itself will be an Ebook and Etraining. The Strategies and Tactics are from our experiences using AWeber successful for our own small business: independent retailer Wood You Like Ltd.
And as promised above: the content of the S&T's will never be out of date, you will always have the latest version!

And of course I've set myself a target to have everything all ready (and tested) end of April/begining May. Some of you have been so kind to read the first draft back in February which has been very helpful - special thanks to Stephen! - and kind of had a pre-view of things to come.

I love aweber The Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses will enable everyone, beginners and long-time users, to benefit even more from Permission Marketing (ethical email-marketing) in the most effective AND efficient way. No need to re-invent the wheel, I promise to spill all the beans on all the mistakes and errors we made ourselves when getting to grips with AWeber!

You can opt in to receive more updates on the new guide by popping in your name and email address below - like before, pre-registering your interest, without any obligation!, also means pre-launch discount on the guide itself.

UPDATE: The Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses is now available!


C.B. Whittemore

Karin, this is very exciting! I'm intrigued with the tools you are using to tell the AWeber story, too. Bedankt! CB

Karin H.


So funny always to read Dutch in the comment box ;-)

The plan is to build a whole web-marketing 'tool-box' for Small Businesses - have a little idea for the 'logo' too.

Karin H

At 18:54 28/03/2009, you wrote:



Thanks for participating in the Referral Key blog. We always love to here from you. Judging from this blog, it sounds like you've got a great small biz strategy. I hope you'll get back on Referral Key and invite some associates to exchange referrals with you or try a referral promotion campaign. Give us a call if you need any help

Also,if you'd be interested in guest authoring a post on the Referral Key Small Business blog it would be a great opportunity for you to share your expertise and gain some new exposure.

Shoot me an email.


Chris O.
Referral Key
“Your Trusted Referral Network”

Karin H.

Hi Chris O

That would be a great idea. Referrals in web-marketing - through webmarketing or due to webmarketing - is a good and steady way to grow an email list of course.
Always in favour of 'swapping' stories, so we could 'trade' the guest authoring both ways? I'll be in touch.

Karin H

At 18:28 31/03/2009, you wrote:

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