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January 2009

You don't fail that easy

When you write blog-post, create an AWeber email campaign you want to reach out to as many readers, leads, prospects you can. That's our goal: writing compelling messages so that your readers, subscribers keep coming back for more. In order to be regarded as 'The Expert', 'The place' to go to for quality products or services. In short, to market your business.

And then you see a drop in blog-readers and receive notifications of subscribers leaving you (or you see a drop in total subscribers). Most of us will have the same knee-jerk reaction: oh dear, everybody is leaving me! What am I doing wrong??

Marie-Louise over at SuccessTrack can tell you exactly that: "When do you stop marketing to Customers".

Read and rejoice ;-)

Using Feedburner for Word-of-Mouth marketing

Every business is aware (or should be!) of the power Word-of-Mouth - it is regarded as the best (and 'cheapest') way to promote your business, products and/or service. On the Web it is no different.

Word-of-Mouth can be hard to establish, how do you get (unknown) visitors to your website talking about you? Of course it starts with having something that's worthwhile to talk about, be it your excellent service record, your excellent and high value for money products or excellent and useful content on your website.

Supposing you have all that in order, what is the next step to entice Word-of-Mouth? You can rely on other 'bloggers' picking up your content and linking back to it; you can rely on others Tweeting about it or mentioning your page and/or product on Facebook, a forum or whatever social media of their choice.

There is however a very simple way to help this Word-of-Mouth on its way: "email this to your friend". A simple link at the bottom of your article/post/landing page that automagically opens your visitor's email program, has already a subject and perhaps even some body text of your choice. The coding for this is not that difficult, click on this link to see an example of the result. (If you hover over the link it will display the actual code).

There is even a simpler way if you publish articles/post in a blog and have set up - of course you have - a Feedburner account. In Feedburner you have various additional options and extras. One of them is called FeedFlare (under the Optimise Tab)


Select at least "Email This" on Site, activate the service and as soon as the article feed is picked up by Feedburner it does the rest! (So sometimes it takes 5 - 10 minutes before the actual "email this" link appears - but it definitely will)

Every article will now automagically have a link at the bottom of your article to a webfrom where your webvisitor can fill in his/her email address as sender and send a message to one of his/her friends. It's as easy as that! And it works on most blog-platforms.

See below and why not try it out?