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When we started using AWeber (aff) we already had a long list of prospects and clients who we emailed our monthly newsletter. Before we switched to AWeber this Newsletter was created with Groupmail5. A handy program (the simple version free) but not with all the features AWeber possesses. Whenever we managed to receive an email address from a prospect or client we added it manually to the Groupmail program, whoever indicated he/she didn't want to receive our newsletter anymore we had to remove manually from the list.

AWeber works completely different with many more options. Automation for one thing. Our website has various AWeber webforms: some inline, some hoover over, some with multiple options for leaflets and some with multiple tick boxes. Whenever someone fills in one of the 'webforms' his/her name and email address is automagically added to the list - but only after he/she confirmes the wish to be added (verified opt-in method). The odd person who wants to unsubscribe from the list can do so by clicking a specific link that is always (automagically) added in every message sent with the AWeber system.

This however meant that we had to add our existing newsletter readers to our new automated system, asking them to opt-in for this list if they still wanted to receive this. We've tried out 2 methods for this, both on a group of 100 readers.

Method 1: with the Groupmail5 program we wrote a special message to this group of 100 readers, explaining we were switching to a new delivery system for the newsletter and giving them a weblink to click, which brought them on our "Subscribe to our Newsletter" webpage. On there they had to fill in name and email address in a webform, click submit, receive the Confirm Subscription email and in there click the confirmation link. Many steps to take to re-register their interest in our monthly news. 5 did take all the steps, 95 didn't.

Method 2: in AWeber we wrote a special Confirm Subscription message, explaining we were switching to a new delivery system for the newsletter. We imported the email addresses of our second group of 100 readers in AWeber, which once uploaded (this can take up to 4 hours) would all receive the special Confirm Subscription message in their inbox. All they had to do was click the confirmation link in that message to re-register their interest in our monthly news. 1 step in all.
53 did, 42 didn't and another 5 of the emails were undeliverable.

Shortening the decision cycle: make it very simple for someone to make that decision you like them to make - eliminate all unnecessary steps. And our trial proved this again.

After this trial in best methods we simply imported all email addresses (including the 95 from method 1 who hadn't re-registered yet) and sat back.
Of course we lost a number of subscribers this way, but that is not as bad as it sounds. Who would you rather email? Someone who took (how ever tiny) steps to indicate they would like to receive your news and/or information (qualified prospects) or someone you think might be interest (unqualified prospects)?

After the switch operation we were left with 60% qualified prospects from the original newsletter list. And this list has grown ever since, all with readers really interested in our news - not just because we think they would like to hear from us. They opted-in especially.

So if you are switching from one email 'bulk' messaging program to AWeber make it as simple as possible for your existing subscribers to switch with you and in the same time end up with only qualified prospects. 

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Hi Karin


You have answered it in one go: use a special Confirm Subscription message in Aweber (the other option I was thinking was send each of them a message from my email account, and ask them to visit my blog and sign up on the Aweber inline form).

So now you have helped me make up my mind, let me crack on, and see how I get on.

Thanks again



Oh and can I add a variation of to your blog title (since I am new to this particular blog of yours) as I really don't agree with it :


1 plus 1 makes 11 (one plus one makes eleven!!)

Because when you stand 1 expert next to another expert they look like the number 11 (hence 1 + 1 = 11!)

And my explanation for this when 2 experts work together the sum total of their expertise will be equivalent to 11 different experts working on their own!!

How about that?

If you don't believe me, look at the synergy of Paul Gorman & Ed Rivis on Copywriting Gangster! Even the grand master Gorman himself admits that despite 27 years of experience, this is no doubt the most powerful copywriting course he's ever thrown out from everything he has ever done!!

I rest my case.

And now I'm thinking of setting up a blog with that name, perhaps you can help me with your expertise Karin to set it up ;-)? Or perhaps we can collaborate on the lines of Gorman/Rivis and do it together (although I don't see myself as an expert on anything just yet).



Karin H.

Hi Shuaib

Hmmm, not sure I agree with the visual 1 plus 1 makes 11 etc. Imagine combining more experts - which is the aim of this blog - and all standing in a circle = 0

Agree completely with the synergy and excellent triple value we get from the copy-writers gang though.

Always in for collaboration in any way - specially since I know you and I could work together on our 'main-fields' of expertise: wooden flooring and residential/commercial property consulting.

Glad to have been of help with your AWeber campaign, hope you'll share your own experiences here (or there)

Karin H.


Hi Karin

UPDATE: I have started adding Leads into my Aweber account and as a trial I added the first 10 last night. This morning I was pleased to see 1 of them had opted in, so a RESULT! I will do the next batch tonite.

Secondly re: my previous comment, let me clarify, I didn't mean to be critical of your blog title (although it might have come across like that in my over-enthusiasm!). What I really meant was your title is great, but in some cases might even be conservative (especially when you consider the powerful partnership of the likes of Gorman / Rivis in the Copywriting Gangster > their interaction brings out much much more than their individual efforts could have ever done!)

So the idea of 1 + 1 = 11, which I'm afraid is not my original one, as I remember I was told this once long time ago in my university days by someone: "If you place your forefinger from your right hand next to the forefinger of your left hand, you don't get two, you get what looks like 11!" - no doubt he was illustrating that when 2 people unite & work together, their sum effect is like 11 people's work. And your blog title jogged my memory of that incident of so many years ago!!

So to extend that analogy to your hypothetical several experts standing in a circle, well I would have them stand next to each other like this (let's use a step by step example):

eg Paul Gorman + Ed Rivis = 1 + 1 = 11
Paul Gorman + Ed Rivis + Karin H. = 1 + 1 + 1 = 111!
If I was to join the discussion we (hopefully) get = 1,111!
And if we say 10 'experts' in total standing next to each other, we should in theory have the net effect of just over a million experts : 1,111,111,111!

Anyways this is just an abstract idea and none of this is a mathematical truth (so I hope none of your readers will sue me for making these fantastic claims!!).

So maybe I will just conclude with: "1plus1makes3?, definitely does as an absolute minimum, but in most cases 1plus1>3"

Thanks again for the expert Aweber tip!


Karin H.

Good morning Shuaib!

Always nice to return to work to find a comment of your hand to start my day with.
I hear what you say and to be honest it was the co-operation between Paul and Ed (eagerly awaiting sessions 5 of the copy-writers gang, always fear I've missed the next one somehow) that triggered the title: 1 plus 1 makes 3.
More in the sense of: if 1 plus 1 makes 3, then 2 plus 2 makes ??

(I'll leave it with you to answer that question but my intention is indeed to combine not just the expertise of one person - or program - with another to add value, but if you keep combining combined ideas - persons and/or programs - the 'sky is the limit' ;-))

Hoping your results will increase today, I'm sure more will re-register or confirm when they've woken up properly.

Karin H.


How does Aweber differ from Group mail?
Does Group Mail allow you to put subscribe boxes on your sites?

Karin H.

Hi Damian, welcome

Ther are plenty of differences between Group Mail and AWeber: automation for one thing - like sequence of follow-up messages you can send to your various individual lists.
Another difference is where the messages and lists details are stored: AWeber on Aweber's server, Group Mail: on your own pc.

As far as I know Group Mail doesn't have any tools to create subscribe to boxes, AWeber as plenty options in this.

I'm about to announce the (re)launch of a practical and effective guide on AWeber, if you subscribe to this blog, see right hand column, you will be automagically notified

Karin H

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