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Why one automated message isn't enough

In my recent post I mentioned how by using AWeber (aff) you can automate many of your marketing messages. Attracting leads or turning leads into prospects is hard work, AWeber can make it a bit easier for you.

One automated message can turn a lead into a prospect, but one automate message doesn't always turn a prospect into a client or even encourage him/her to take the next step in to process to become your new client.

We all know it takes around 7 - 10 targeted messages before a prospect turns into a client. Using the automated follow-up feature of AWeber can work to your advantage as one of my friends recently discovered.

On his website - selling watersofteners and filters - we installed a AWeber webform offering everyone who submitted his/her name and email address a FREE water test - to establish the hardness of the water. His website is based on "how to stop hard water damage in your home".
The automated AWeber message asks them kindly for their postal address and once that is received my friend's normal 'Royal Mail' marketing will take over.

(There is a very good reason for not asking leads to submit their postal address on the webform: most people don't like to tell all and sundry where they live, fearing hackers etc on the internet. Being asked a postal address later on in a personalised email is perceived as more trust worthy and why scare interested leads away at the first hurdle?)

Recently my friend remarked on the peculiarity of some submitters: they all receive the personalised automated first message,  but some didn't reply to it. So he couldn't send them the bottle and pre-paid envelop to return their tap-water in. Nor is he able to send the other follow-up marketing messages by 'snail mail'.

Had he emailed them a kind reminder I asked? No.
In 2 minutes time a second follow-up message was created in AWeber with an interval of 7 days - one week after the initial request for their postal address. It kindly asks them if they had received the bottle for the free water test - and a kind reminder to fill it and send it back, plus a reminder if they hadn't yet emailed their postal address to do so straight away as a first simple step to find out the hardness of their tap water which might be damaging their plumbing, heating systems and boiler.
Any new follow-up message is also emailed to everyone  already on that specific email list.

Low and behold, within 12 hours my friend received two emails with postal addresses from leads who'd simply forgotten about it. And now his standard marketing system can 'work' with two more prospects.
Plus his rate of receiving postal addresses has significantly increased since implementing the second follow-up message.

ReminderWe are all busy persons nowadays and some things are just simply forgotten, not due to unwillingness but due to so many other messages asking for our time and attention. A kind and simple reminder works wonders without appearing pushy.

Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)


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