1 plus 1 makes 3 - an introduction
Why one automated message isn't enough

Supplier or communicator?

We - Wood You Like Ltd - sell stuff, so we are suppliers. We buy stuff too, so we have suppliers

I've just counted the number of suppliers we have: 44 - and we're only a small two-wo/man-band.
How many do you have and how many of them keep in regular contact with you, not meaning the times they send you a new invoice of course!
I can count the suppliers who regularly keep in contact with us on one hand: 10%

Envelop My Insurance company sends me their newsletter 3 or 4 times a year, my printer emails me their monthly special offers, my Accounting and Customer Relation Management software company emails me tips and practical advice on how to use the program more effective once or twice a month, the Dutch company where we bought some specialised floor-fitting tools from last year emails me their workshops and celebration offers, and my accountant slash business consultant - well, that's a completely different story.

The company where I buy our office requirements doesn't - the alternative stationery company we had to use for a specific product not available from our regular supplier does.

We - as supplier/retailer - keep in regular contact with all our clients and prospects.
Do you?
Our existing clients keep coming back to our showroom - or buy online - for maintenance products and sometimes even for additional wooden floors for other rooms. And our clients keep referring friends and family to us. Do yours?
Our prospects who turn client tell us it is because our letters and messages keep reminding them of our products and/or service and now they are ready to buy it is a logical decision to come to us. Do yours?

EmailSince November last year we use AWeber (aff) email marketing online software to keep in contact with prospects and clients.

Since November last year every visitor to our website/blog who requests a leaflet (we have 7 informative brochures or PDF-files to choose from) receive this in their inbox straight away. A day later they receive a personalised automated message with more info we think they might find useful too. Two days later more information follows in again a personalised automated message and on the first Monday following the first message they will find our latest Monthly newsletter in their inbox so they can too profit from our Newsletter Readers Only Monthly offer.

Since November last year 40% of our new clients were newsletter readers first.

Since November last year we use AWeber (aff) - personalised automated email messages and broadcasts - to establish this. Simple, straight forward and ethical. Do you?


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