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1 plus 1 makes 3 - an introduction

Brand new dynamic interactive website (aka blog) where various experts/expertise from and in various areas will be combined to give you triple value.

Areas vary from copy-writing, online software, (web)marketing guides and home-studies, practical business building tips and much more.

It's a 'work in progress' but stay tuned for more - the ultimate goal is to create the following fact: 2 plus 2 makes 7

Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)


Robert Hruzek

Wonderful, Karin - a new site, congratulations! Looking forward to learning new stuff here. May I make a suggestion? Move your RSS subscription button to the top of the sidebar and make it OBVIOUS! (I had a hard time finding it...)

Karin H.

Hi Robert!

All suggestions are welcome, they always are.
The point with this is - with this blog (like the Kiss2 and the FAQ and News blog) I prefer readers to subscribe to my blog-alerts (email delivery through AWeber), hence the more obvious webform for this higher up and the 'standard' RSS feed symbol lower down ;-)

Karin H.

Robert Hruzek

Ah! OK, I get it. Should have realized that on this blog. (Sound of me, whacking forehead.)

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